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learning management system
Weblearning LMS
Experience the Benefits of Offering Anytime, Anywhere Training!
Works on Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone & Android

Atrixware Weblearning Learning Management System (LMS)

This is the Online Learning Management System you wish you used the last time you tried to implement an online learning program.

An LMS Designed to be Easy To Use

Atrixware understands that your company needs a simple solution to training your employees, or a simple solution to offering online training and testing to your prospects and customers. Our job is to make it easier for you (both in usage, and in budget). Our online learning management system (LMS) can be used for creating, integrating, tracking and managing courses, quizzes, and presentations. We've put together a great package for any company looking for an easier, better, and less expensive way to learning management.

Our LMS allows you to configure the layout of your course with your own personalized text and images. We've made creating online quizzes easier then ever. You can promptly create graded or practice quizzes with the click of a button. We allow you complete control over your visual layout. You can change everything from the font, size, color, images, and even add animations.

learning management system

Create. Train. Test.

With our online learning management system you can create powerful presentations, online quiz authoring and easy-to-use course design features.  Our LMS allows integration of training videos, images, PDF's, e-commerce and shopping carts.

We make it our goal to keep it easy-to-use, and eliminate the headaches that come along with other lms platforms. Our highly customizable learning management system software a great choice for anyone needing to create and deliver (and even sell) online training & E-learning software.



Full reports are created for all of the quiz and question data.  Reports can be sorted, viewed, and exported into excel sheets with ease.  Compared to other learning management systems, our software makes it easier than ever to keep detailed records of all the activity in your courses.

We offer our learning management system software as a hosted service as well as a license you can purchase for your own server, which makes this software increasingly popular as one of the leading systems with companies of all sizes, government agencies and schools all across the globe.

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